Episode 2 – and all I got was a lifetime of debt

In this second episode of MAP: A Melbourne Anarchist Podcast:

I spend a bit of time ranting about the federal budget, the PaTH “internship” scheme, and the future of higher education.

The hilariously bad page on the government’s budget website that suggests you should do an “internship” at a supermarket or cafe is located here.

Dave Eden’s prescient blog post, On Budget Eve: Deflation & The Limits to Privatised Keynesianism, is worth a read. I’ll be interested to see what Jon and Dave say about #Budget2016 in their podcast.

A big thanks to Kelly from HPUV for the interview, it was somewhat inexpertly recorded on the fly, but I hope it adds some context to the ongoing Bendigo Street occupation.

And there is a new segment I’m calling The Reading Group. Errico Malatesta, Reformism, can be found here.

The music used in this episode is Who’s Gonna Take the Rap by Cosmo. Thanks to Jacqui for the suggestion. If anyone else has any reasonably not awful royalty free music they’d like to recommend, please leave a comment!


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