Episode 3 – save Scabby the Rat and other adventures

Welcome to the re-launch of MAP, a Melbourne Anarchist Podcast. After a year of silence, here is episode three. In this episode:

Peter Dutton is a horrible, nasty twisted little man, and the Department of Immigration want to outsource visa approvals to a robot.

Workers at the Bureau of Meteorology are taking industrial action in a long running pay dispute, and the Federal Court has ordered the AWU to deflate Scabby the Rat.

The government’s PaTH program is a shambles, as predicted. The numbers just don’t add up.

Elijah Doughty was murdered, but his killer will walk free in under a year after an all white jury in Kalgoorlie acquitted him of manslaughter and instead convicted Doughty’s killer of reckless driving. Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance have called a rally in Melbourne, this coming Friday at 4pm.

The Melbourne Anarchist Bookfair is coming up in August.

Theme music is “Who’s Gonna Take the Rap” by Cosmo, CC-BY-NC-SA.


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